I used to be a serious professional in the creative field, happily focused on my role as an ambitious and productive employee. I liked predictability and lists. I furrowed my brow a lot.

Today, I’m a working mom juggling the joys of parenthood, family, and my small business. I try not to drop too many balls in the process, but sometimes it happens and I try not to stress about it… much. I still write a lot of lists, but life’s a lot less predictable now. And that’s ok.

I married the man who made me laugh and makes me think. We lived a nomadic life in northern-, eastern- and southern-Ontario, and then a community in Nunavut. And just to switch things up, we built the home of our dreams with our two furballs in a rural part of southwestern Ontario. We were blessed with the arrival of a tiny, unbelievably perfect cherub with a mischievous twinkle to complete our forever family. Or so I thought: when my dear father passed away, we welcomed my mom into our home.

They’re all very patient with my quirky, awkward ways, latest creative projects, kitchen experiments and occasional (not so) dramatic outbursts.

Life’s made up of significant moments: some big, some small, some happy, some sad. All of them are important to the narrative of life. I try to celebrate these moments by sharing the stories along this journey.

I’m making tweaks to my life AND the blog, so please visit again! Updates, changes and other nonsensical reflections on life are tweeted @kapwamom.


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